CERA LT - The Machine

CERA LT - The MachineCERA LT is a semi-automated forensic optical system designed to aid in the recovery of fingerprint evidence on cartridge casings and other cylindrical objects.

The new CERA LT has been developed through extensive research and development of the original CERA system which used the revolutionary technique by Dr.John Bond of enhancing corrosive fingerprint detail on cartridge casings using a special carbon powder and high voltage electrostatic charge.

CERA LT - The MachineConsolite Forensics has been able to develop the latest CERA LT without the use of complex powder and high voltage systems, yet still capable of enhancing and capturing even the most difficult prints from a curved surface.

“The electrostatic process has always relied on the presence of particular corrosion products to successfully enhance fingerprint corrosion and has provided a compliment to optical methods.  Now, the CERA LT optical system provides superior imaging of the surface of the cartridge, including any corrosion, so as to remove the need for the electrostatic process”.
Dr John W Bond OBE

The compact CERA LT achieves this purely through its advanced optical system and simple to use software called CFIS.

The system has also been designed to image other cylindrical items such as syringes or pens which may have been powered or cyanoacrylate fumed and dyed.

New features include the ability to capture and compare ballistic information from the breech face of a cartridge. The new brush holding system allows a full range of cartridges to be inspected for firing pin impressions and also ejector marks


  • Fully integrated high resolution colour camera
  • Custom-built high performance optimised lens
  • Unique high intensity LED lighting systems
  • Automated six position long pass filter wheel - 495nm, 530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 590nm
  • Impact and chemically resistant housing

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