About the Consolite Group

Cockpit lighting indicator for sea harrier jump jet.Consolite Technology started in 1980 with the design and manufacture of cockpit lighting indicators for the UK Sea Harrier jump jet programme.

In 1984 Consolite introduced the thumbwheel potentiometer used on the US F-16 HUD, and to this day is the sole supplier of this item. The design has been developed for other aircraft including the US F-22 fighter and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

In the mid-1980s Consolite developed a capability in the design and development of NVG compatible filters for cockpit lighting and so was an early leader in the field. The capability was later extended to full cockpit upgrades for many of the world's major aircraft types. More recently the company has achieved great success in the modification of lighting on warships, including complete upgrades to major aircraft carriers.

Thumbwheel potentiometer for F-16In 2010 Consolite began working with Dr.John Bond, the inventor of the CERA process, and the technique was developed into a complete system to automate the development of fingerprints on cartridge casings, with fully integrated image capture and enhancement.

This was the start of Consolite Forensics. Since then the original CERA has been redeveloped into a new optical device now called CERA LT, and a second unique system called HPS has also been brought to market. HPS, the Hot Print System, is already helping agencies world-wide in developing fingerprints on thermal paper such as till receipts. A series of further product launches is planned for the coming months and years.